You’ve never thought to treat eczema this way

I just returned from a trip to Ohio. It was great spending quality time with my family and catching up with friends. While at dinner one day, one of my friends, let’s call her Amy, shared how her son is suffering from eczema. Typically when we suffer from a skin disorder, our natural tendency is […]

I’m back + Relief in 15 minutes

It has been an amazing year! I love, love being a mom. Surina recently turned one and is a happy, adventurous little girl.  It was important for me to take the year off focusing on being a mom and witness the growth of this beautiful spiritual being that my husband and I brought into this […]

Declutter your way to beautiful skin

You stand staring at your dull skin with acne, dry patches, no glow and then head straight to the store to buy an expensive cream or product. You use it for a few weeks and eventually forget about it because since then you’ve bought something new to try. Your medicine cabinet is a collection of […]

Natural Ayurvedic solutions for flawless skin

How often do you see a beautiful, radiant woman and say, “she has gorgeous skin. She’s so lucky!” Our instinct is to believe that she’s genetically blessed and then go straight to self-criticism, “I’ll never have skin like that.” Yes, she could have won the genetic lottery, leaving you wallowing in self-criticism. Achieving flawless skin […]

What Christopher Columbus knew about digestive health

Christopher Columbus discovered America, but do you recall the true intent of his voyage? He mistakenly ended up on American soil to be sadly disappointed that it wasn’t India. He was in search of spices to bring back to his homeland, Spain. Europe was in need of a reliable supply of herbs and spices for […]

Spring rejuvenation: dietary changes you should be making this season

Last weekend, hubby and I visited Descanso Gardens with our new baby girl Surina. I’ve been going crazy being homebound since our pediatrician advised us to not take her in public just yet, but being in the fresh air was okay. We decided to visit our favorite park and take Surina to the place where […]

Rebuilding digestive health: Ama and Agni Part 2

Last week I talked about how your digestion is the key to vibrant health. Any and every health issue comes back to the strength of your digestion, Agni. Weight gain to exhaustion to inflammation are just a few of the symptoms of weak Agni and Ama, toxins. If you took the quiz in last week’s […]

What is Agni and why it’s the golden ticket to vibrant health: Part 1

In Ayurveda, the strength of your metabolism is called Agni, your digestive fire. It’s how you process, assimilate and absorb food and nutrients. Agni is important in how well your body eliminates toxins and digests food. Poor lifestyle habits create poor functioning Agni such as diet, stress, negative emotions, and being sedentary. These all result […]

Here’s how to fit exercise into your busy schedule

One of the reasons I work well with my clients is that I’m able to help you create time in your busy schedule. Time needed for self-care, eating healthy, and the all time classic, exercise. It’s the dreaded “I know I need to move my body but don’t have time” fiasco. You create a plan […]

Ghee for vitality and healthy living

Ghee is recognized as a new superfood here in the Western world, but it’s been used as a nutrition and healing agent for thousands of years in India. Ghee is clarified butter that removes water and milk fats from butter making it a healthy fat. It is used as both food and medicine to nourish […]