You’ve never thought to treat eczema this way

I just returned from a trip to Ohio. It was great spending quality time with my family and catching up with friends.

While at dinner one day, one of my friends, let’s call her Amy, shared how her son is suffering from eczema. Typically when we suffer from a skin disorder, our natural tendency is to get a topical cream from our doctor or buy something over the counter.

Amy preferred treating her son’s eczema naturally and leaned towards my friend Natalie striking up a conversation about essential oils. Natalie is big on essential oils and loves using them.

The conversation quickly goes into how essential oils can help treat Amy’s son’s eczema. I think this is great. If something can be treated topically naturally, awesome!

But, with eczema using any topical treatment whether natural or not will not cure it. It will only treat the symptom in the near term.

Healing skin disorders starts from the inside out.

It’s a good practice to consult with a health coach, nutritionist, or Naturopath who knows how to heal though diet and lifestyle.

You probably wouldn’t have thought to do that and neither did Amy.

I asked Amy to share what her son typically ate.

She said that her son was a picky eater and only had a few favorite foods that he ate often. They were:

  • Yogurt
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Parmesan cheese

What do these foods have in common?

They are all fermented and sour tasting. Fermented, sour, and spicy foods all create too much heat in the body.

If you’re primarily a Pitta energy type, and your diet heavily includes these types of foods, then a skin disorder such as eczema will be a natural symptom.

Replacing and eliminating these foods are the best option to heal.


  • Replace granola and yogurt with milk or almond milk instead.
  • Replace hard cheeses like cheddar or Parmesan with a soft cheese like Brie.


I’ve even seen the same with my adult Pitta clients who love their hard cheeses and wine. A diet consisting of way too much heat since both wine and cheese is fermented.

Casey was a Finance executive who unwinds every evening with a glass of wine and loved her cheeses. Adapting the changes were really tough.

But after she significantly reduced her intake of wine and cheese, all heat inducing and causes inflammation, her skin improved and was glowing.

Summer’s here and you’re ready to rock your new shorts, dresses, and off shoulder tops. How amazing would it feel to have radiant skin with your summer looks?

Pretty freakin awesome!


Lots of Love,


Check out Surina and her mini grocery cart:-)



I’m back + Relief in 15 minutes

It has been an amazing year! I love, love being a mom.

Surina recently turned one and is a happy, adventurous little girl.  It was important for me to take the year off focusing on being a mom and witness the growth of this beautiful spiritual being that my husband and I brought into this world.

Balancing time as a mom and business owner is not easy and something I’m figuring out daily.  After one year of beating myself up over not making it to the gym because I didn’t have time, or I got too busy, I recognized I was chasing time I didn’t have and may never have for a while.

I bet you’re doing the same.

You have a gazillion things you’re trying to get done. Planning for that one hour session at the gym is just not going to work.

Last week I had this amazing plan to wake up at 5am, meditate and go for a long run. Instead because I was sleep deprived from the night before, and had an event that I hosted until 10pm, my body needed sleep. I woke up at 6:30am and was like damn! I’m already behind.

Can you relate?

I paused for a second and said, what do I need right now. What do I need to function and feel good today?

Run, I needed to run!

I glanced at the clock. There was no way I had time to shower, eat breakfast, pack my bag, and make it to my first call.

15 minutes, I have 15 minutes. Just go! It’s not my typically 45 minute run, but here it goes.

The feeling of having accomplished something for YOU in a short time, trumps chasing the ideal time and never getting around to it.

I came back smiling with my runners high, less tense, and grounded. I had plenty of time to complete the other things I needed before starting my day.

If I didn’t go, I would have carried my tension, stress, and irritability with me throughout the day.  Imagine how “pleasant” I would be to work with?

Not so much.

Daily self-care tools, called dinacharya in Ayurveda, are essential in balancing your mind and body. A requirement to living a healthy life.

You’re never going to have the time in life to do ALL the self-care things you’d LOVE to do each day. That’s called retirement!

For now, aim for what’s possible. Any of these 7 morning dinacharya will have you feeling excellent in a short time:

  1. Go for a quick run
  2. Meditate
  3. Practice deep breathing or pranayama
  4. Roll out your yoga mat and practice sun salutations, Surya Namaskar
  5. Journal – Brain dump all the thoughts spiraling in your head
  6. Cook breakfast or pack your lunch
  7. Sip hot water and enjoy silence and stillness (Yes, I’m totally serious. And put down your phone!)

If you can’t find 15 minutes, then you have a problem of over scheduling, over committing, and not creating boundaries in your life.

It look me years to figure this out and I’m constantly trying to find my balance. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 15 minutes doesn’t matter, pick what works for you that day.

Creating boundaries will always ensure you have time carved out for your well-being.

Where do you struggle to create boundaries? What’s one thing you’d love to do for yourself during your busy week but don’t? I love getting your comments, so please leave them below.


Declutter your way to beautiful skin

Bathroom shelf

You stand staring at your dull skin with acne, dry patches, no glow and then head straight to the store to buy an expensive cream or product. You use it for a few weeks and eventually forget about it because since then you’ve bought something new to try.

Your medicine cabinet is a collection of old and new skin care products squeezed into every nook and cranny. The typically line-up looks like this:

Oil of Olay
La Prairie

Now I’m not knocking these products. Some of them I use and love, but they are not the resolution to your skin concerns.

You suffer from product addiction.

Product Addiction = the need to constantly purchase and try new skin care products until you find “the one.”

As you know by now, “the one” doesn’t exist. The first step is to begin healing you skin from the inside out. I talked about it in last week’s article here

Next, clean out your cabinet and toss everything you haven’t used in over three months. It’s amazing how much money we spend on items that are unused and unsuccessful. The goal here is to declutter and minimize. I want you to feel the freedom of really letting go of products that are no longer serving you.

I did this exercise in 2009. I had already begun the journey of cleaning and balancing my diet based upon my vata-pitta dosha. One morning, I looked into my bathroom cabinet disappointed in all the products I was chasing to get perfect skin.

It was ridiculous!

Things were falling of the shelves. Getting beautiful skin shouldn’t require so much crap! I made it a goal to minimize my skin products.

Less is more, was my motto!

Since then I’ve had beautiful flawless skin. I rarely get a breakout or have dull skin, and when I do, I know exactly what my trigger is. For me it’s eating out and consuming way too much sugar.

Finding the right skin care products are important. I suggest talking with your dermatologist or an excellent esthetician about your skin. Ask what natural and over the counter products they recommend. I don’t believe in breaking the bank when it comes to skin care products.

For those curious, here is my routine and products I use:

  1. Dry brushing exfoliates skin and unclogs pores. Use a natural bristle brush and brush all over body before showering. I do this 3 days a week.
  2. Abhyanga oil massage softens skin, reduces wrinkles, and calms nervous system. I use sesame oil and do this about 3 days a week before I shower. See my friend Alicia in this video by Banyan Botanicals on how to perform the technique. Lightly soap your body in the shower. Sesame oil is a natural cleanser. Moisturizer is not needed after you shower.
  3. Coconut oil. I like coconut oil because it smells great and is a natural moisturizer. I use this after my shower on days I don’t perform abhyanga massage.
  4. Dermalogica multi-active toner. The weather in Santa Monica is really dry and no amount of water, or humidifier helps so this toner helps hydrate the skin on my face.
  5. Aveeno daily moisturizer with SPF 30. It was recommended by my esthetician and this moisturizer works for me!

That’s it! Pretty simple with room to spare in my bathroom cabinet.

You don’t need to follow my exact formula, but once you see results of your skin improving from your diet changes, do this next.

Find the products and create a regiment that works for you with the mantra of “less is more”… less products, more radiant skin.

Vibrantly Yours,


Natural Ayurvedic solutions for flawless skin

skin care woman removing makeup

How often do you see a beautiful, radiant woman and say, “she has gorgeous skin. She’s so lucky!” Our instinct is to believe that she’s genetically blessed and then go straight to self-criticism, “I’ll never have skin like that.”

Yes, she could have won the genetic lottery, leaving you wallowing in self-criticism. Achieving flawless skin starts from the inside out.

From my teen years and into early adulthood, I suffered from bacne, back acne. I was always jealous of girls who wore low back dresses because there was no way I could get away with it.

I tried every product out there, including retinol, which the doctor prescribed. Nothing worked! When I lived in New York I even got a back facial. Odd, yes, they actually have those services! That didn’t help either.

It wasn’t until I changed my diet that everything cleared. Years of back acne was completely gone. I mean not even a single break out! Plus the random facial breakouts I always suffered from, PMS or not, was gone as well.

I felt beautiful in a way I had never felt before. Confident even.

All of this was possible because I transformed how I ate. I made a commitment to create a new lifestyle leveraging Ayurveda.

Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rashes are a sign of Pitta imbalance.

Almost every one of my clients, regardless if we are working on weight loss, energy balance, or mood, gain the added benefit of radiant skin after working together.

Here’s what I recommend to balance this Pitta skin condition. First, let’s start with the obvious that you know of but aren’t doing:

  1. Drink more water. Should be room temperature and half your body weight in ounces. Sip throughout the day.
  2. Stop eating processed foods and fast food. Reduce the amount you eat out and begin reading labels of the foods you eat. Select products with less ingredients and words you can pronounce.
  3. Eat more veggies. No health expert out there will ever tell you to reduce the amount of vegetables you eat. Especially if they are cooked (raw is not for everyone).
  4. Eliminate all processed sugar. Substitute with date sugar or maple syrup.

Now, the Ayurveda specifics for Pitta imbalance. These foods cause skin inflammation because they draw excess heat to your body:

  1. Reduce spicy foods.
  2. Reduce red meat. It’s meant to be eaten in winter anyway.
  3. Reduce sour foods such as yogurt, fermented foods, cheese, and alcohol.
  4. Eat astringent tasting foods such as blueberries, turmeric, and cauliflower because they promote healing.
  5. Increase bitter tasting foods such as dark leafy greens. They remove toxins from your body and are anti-inflammatory.

My client, let’s call her Sydney, came to one of sessions together sharing “Susan I’m getting compliments on how my skin is glowing.” She was super excited because this was an addition to her weight loss.

Summer is around the corner and if you are like me, and literally hiding behind your clothes, start implementing these tips today.

I’ve had clear skin on both my face and back for over 7 years now and it’s such an amazing feeling that you can enjoy too!

Vibrantly Yours,




What Christopher Columbus knew about digestive health

Spices and herbs in wooden bowls.

Christopher Columbus discovered America, but do you recall the true intent of his voyage?

He mistakenly ended up on American soil to be sadly disappointed that it wasn’t India. He was in search of spices to bring back to his homeland, Spain. Europe was in need of a reliable supply of herbs and spices for cooking, preserving food, and medicine.

Christopher Columbus and fellow Europeans knew herbs and spices is what made food flavorful, pleasurable, and medicinal.

The Americas and India are over 7,700 miles apart. No wonder the standard American diet lacks spices and depth of flavor. The spices never made it to the west, nor was there a plan to.

Eating spices stimulates smell and taste buds, which helps in balancing the body and mind resulting in reduced cravings. Digestion is also improved because spices kindle agni and enhance metabolism.

Whether you enjoy cooking or not, you’ll want to add these spices to your plate today:

Apart of the parsley family, known to have a bitter taste. Enjoy whole seeds or ground cumin.

Benefits: Flushes toxins out of the body, reduces gas, and reduces cholesterol

Uses: Add to salads, sautéed vegetables, legumes, and in cuisines such as Mexican and Middle-Eastern

Seeds of the commonly known herb, cilantro, having a bitter and pungent taste. Enjoy whole seeds or ground coriander.

Benefits: Reduces inflammation in the digestive system such as IBS, gas, and bloating

Uses: Add to salads, sautéed vegetables, legumes, and cuisines such as Mexican and Middle-Eastern

This licorice like tasting seed has a somewhat sweet and bitter taste. Enjoy whole.

Benefits: Tones digestive system, helpful with indigestion, and freshens breath

Uses: Chew a few toasted seeds post meal, look for fennel in organic toothpaste, or even add to desserts

Has a sweet and pungent taste. Enjoy them whole or ground

Benefits: Reduces bloating and gas, detoxifies kidney, and antidepressant

Uses: Add to tea (like in Indian chai) or coffee to reduce acid and to neutralize the stimulating effects of caffeine

Of the ginger family, it has a bitter, pungent, and astringent taste. Enjoy freshly grated or in powder form.

Benefits: Promotes digestion, reduces inflammation, and supports nervous system

Uses: Add to soups, curries, eggs, lentils, smoothies, and warm milk with honey to make tea

Be creative and have fun with spices. They will add excitement to your palate and your body will love you for it too!


Vibrantly Yours,


Spring rejuvenation: dietary changes you should be making this season

Last weekend, hubby and I visited Descanso Gardens with our new baby girl Surina. I’ve been going crazy being homebound since our pediatrician advised us to not take her in public just yet, but being in the fresh air was okay.

We decided to visit our favorite park and take Surina to the place where hubby proposed. Here’s a picture of us along with the beautiful flowers:


When the weather gets warm, everyone is excited to spend more time outdoors and ditch winter clothing.

These transformations are instinctual, but what about your diet?

I tell my clients that every season has a way of eating and living that is required to increase your energy to thrive. You may also be overlooking these changes or just not aware.

Spring is natures New Year, a rejuvenation and growth. You see this by the beautiful blossoming flowers and trees. Your body also requires it’s own rejuvenation.


Because it’s needed to avoid the pesky spring colds, congestion, and allergies. It’s also an excellent time to shed some extra pounds you gained in winter. Plus if you’re like me, you’re ready to get lean and strong for the upcoming summer and want to look sexy in that new romper!

During winter we naturally crave heavy foods like red meat, wheat, fats, and starchy vegetables because it’s needed to keep our bodies warm. If we continue eating this way when the weather warms, we get sick and suffer inflammatory issues like I mentioned above.

Spring is an excellent time to cleanse, but jumping on a hyper-restrictive juice or smoothie cleanse is not necessary at all. Instead, here are a list of changes you should be making this season to stay healthy:

  1. Fill your plate with tons of veggies.
  2. Enjoy salads on warm days and always avoid creamy dressings.
  3. Re-introduce smoothies and juices as these cold beverages are not ideal for winter.
  4. Pungent flavors reduce congestion, which cause colds and allergies. Increase garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, and onion.
  5. Increase astringent tastes such as lentils, cauliflower, green apples, and herbal tea; additional flavors that are important in spring purification.
  6. Exercise increases energy and improves circulation. Ideal times when you body is the strongest is 6am to 10am, otherwise 6pm to 10pm works.
  7. Reduce heavy and watery foods such as avocados, cucumbers, olives, sweet potato, and squash.
  8. Reduce dairy (yogurt is fine) and enjoy non-dairy milks.
  9. Reduce sugary and sour fruits such as banana, pineapple, and melons.
  10. Avoid red meat.

If the list above is overwhelming, start with 1-2 new changes and add more when you’re ready. Spring is about eating lighter fare foods and reducing processed foods and fats.

By making the changes above, you begin cleansing the built up congestion and mucus that often cause spring colds, allergies, and excess weight gain. If you don’t suffer from any of these symptoms, you should still make these dietary changes for better energy and focus.

Vibrantly Yours,




Rebuilding digestive health: Ama and Agni Part 2

Fit young woman belly with hand on it

Last week I talked about how your digestion is the key to vibrant health. Any and every health issue comes back to the strength of your digestion, Agni.

Weight gain to exhaustion to inflammation are just a few of the symptoms of weak Agni and Ama, toxins. If you took the quiz in last week’s article and discovered you have Ama, then keep reading.

If you missed the article, then get it here.

My client, let’s call her Hilary, had been suffering from severe stomach pains and diarrhea for years. The pain would come and go and like many of us she worked long hours and felt she never had time to seek help from a nutrition or medical professional.

Hilary was an athlete in college who just hadn’t established a routine of self-care once she entered the professional working world. This didn’t’ help her past digestive issues at all. The stress of work was making her stomach pains worse and she was carrying excess weight she really wanted to lose.

I share below 4 healing tips I had Hilary adjust and add to her daily lifestyle that will equally benefit you in clearing Ama and rebuilding Agni.

Stay hydrated.

Proper hydration is key in removing Ama and rebuilding Agni. I’ve noticed that Hilary and many of my other clients drink cold water and chug glasses throughout their day. If you think of Agni being a fire, your metabolism, then adding cold water to fire will put it out instantly, or in this case, weaken it. Ayurveda recommends sipping warm or room temperature water throughout the day.

Don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach.

Raise your hand if coffee is the first thing that enters your mouth in the morning? Yep, that’s what I thought. You desperately need to wake up and find the motivation to power through your day so a grande coffee it is. No freakin way!

I cringe when people say, “I have excellent digestion, just a few sips of coffee and I’m headed to the restroom. That’s what I need to poop each day.” This is bad, very bad!

Coffee is highly acid and a digestive irritant. Yes it will make you poop, but that is not a sign of good health. Too much acidity increases digestive heat, which irritates your digestive tract causing you to poop. This causes inflammation, bloating, diarrhea, and surprisingly weight gain.

Instead, eat a light breakfast first and then enjoy your coffee 30 minutes after.

Spice it up.

I’m a total foodie and love traveling around the world to try different cuisines. I also enjoy learning about the different spices cultures use to flavor their food. The standard American diet is lacking in spices. The uses of spices add depth, flavor, and excitement to your palate but are also great for digestion.

Spices such as cumin, coriander, and fennel remove Ama from you body and will aid in improving Agni. Add it to soups, salads, and sautéed veggies.

Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Stress is a major factor in accumulated Ama. There are nerves that run through your stomach called your Enteric Nervous System. It’s known as the brain in your gut. Any bout of stress restricts blood flow in your gut and hinders proper digestion.

I had Hilary practice a short 5-minute deep breathing exercise daily. Deep breathing is calming and reduces stress. This alone can vastly improve your gut health. Especially for Vata energy and body constitution types that are natural worries.

Check out my video to learn the technique I taught Hilary.

Within in 2-3 months Hilary was feeling better! No more diarrhea and stomach pains. Once she crossed that hurdle, her years of stomach pain, incorporating an improved nutritional meal and body movement plan was the final ticket to a healthier Agni and her desired weight loss!

Share with me in the comments below the dilly (deal) with your Agni.

Vibrantly Yours,





What is Agni and why it’s the golden ticket to vibrant health: Part 1

Symbol of fireIn Ayurveda, the strength of your metabolism is called Agni, your digestive fire. It’s how you process, assimilate and absorb food and nutrients. Agni is important in how well your body eliminates toxins and digests food.

Poor lifestyle habits create poor functioning Agni such as diet, stress, negative emotions, and being sedentary. These all result in an imbalanced dosha.

How well you digest your food is the key to vibrant health whether you’re looking to lose weight, get more energy, or reduce belly bloat. Everything is linked to how well you digest your food. The goal is to have a strong Agni.

What does a weak Agni look like?

Ayurveda believes that 90% of all diseases are due to poor Agni, or accumulated Ama. Ama is undigested food and un-metabolized waste, toxins. When this occurs we experience a myriad of symptoms such as:

Weight gain
Brain fog

and more…

If you’re seeking a vibrant lifestyle then understanding the health of your Agni and digestion is important. It’s the foundation of the work I do with my clients.

Many of my clients are overworked, burned out, looking to having more energy, and desire to feel better in their bodies and life. To tackle this problem, it’s more than just eating healthy and going to the gym that’s going to resolve the issue.

It’s about understanding where the core of your symptoms lie…your gut, your digestive system, and how much Ama is in your body.

Answer the following questions below to see if you have any signs of a weak Agni and accumulated Ama:

Yes or No?

  1. Do you suffer from constipation or diarrhea (loose stool and eliminate more than 2 times per day)?
  2. Do you have a white coating on your tongue? Meaning tongue doesn’t look pink and looks more whitish?
  3. Do you feel lethargic and groggy?
  4. Do you have a varied appetite and can easily skip a meal because you’re not hungry?
  5. Do you suffer from brain fog and cloudy thinking?
  6. Are you bloated and/or have gas?
  7. Are you depressed?

If you answered yes to majority of the above, then you have signs of a weak Agni and have Ama, toxins, that need to be cleared from you body.

Stay tuned for next week’s article on my strategy to clear Ama and strengthen your Agni.

Clarity and support comes from community, so in the comments below share what you learned from this article and the results you got the questions above.

Vibrantly Yours,










Here’s how to fit exercise into your busy schedule

female runner running at sunset

One of the reasons I work well with my clients is that I’m able to help you create time in your busy schedule. Time needed for self-care, eating healthy, and the all time classic, exercise.

It’s the dreaded “I know I need to move my body but don’t have time” fiasco.

You create a plan to exercise this week but work kept you late or you had another obligation and it got pushed to next weeks to do list. Before you know it, it’s 5 months later and you still haven’t found your flow and rhythm.

You fall into 2 buckets:

A: You’re donating money to your gym


B: You signed up for something new and trendy like ClassPass because maybe that will motivate you to go to move your butt

Time is a huge factor. Many of you just have hectic schedules. It’s frustrating and I totally get it. But more importantly is determining your why. Why is it important for you to make exercise and moving your body a priority? Why does it matter? What will it provide you?

Stress relief?
Tone & sculpt your body?
Weight loss?

If your why isn’t strong enough then you’ll never do it. I can lay out the best plan to get you to your goal but if in your heart it doesn’t matter enough, then it won’t happen.

So, first step is figure out your why.

Next let’s tackle the time riddle.

The reason why it’s not working is that you’re trying to find the perfect 30-60 minute time slot each week to exercise. If you’re going from being completely inactive to wanting to work out 4 days a week, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Create realistic goals that will set you up for success. Here are a few examples:

  • 15 minutes of HIIT exercise for 3 days/week
  • 1-2 days attending your favorite class with Saturday or Sunday as a non-negotiable exercise day
  • 15 minute morning run or yoga sun salutations before work
  • DVR your evening shows and go for a 30 minute walk
  • Take your one-on-one meetings outdoors and go for a stroll
  • Catch up with friends at an exercise class or weekend hike instead of a sit down meal…or do both!

Commit to a time that’s doable. Once you have a rhythm going for a few weeks, then increase your time or add another day.

Here’s how make exercise a priority:

  1. Determine your why.
  2. How much are you exercising now? If not at all, then start small. If just 1-2 days a week, then add on a weekend exercise regiment. It’s less stressful to commit to the weekend versus having to find another time during the week.
  3. What is your exercise routine of choice? Will it be 15 minutes of HIIT at home or going for a 30-minute walk.
  4. On Friday open up your calendar and plan your exercises above including weekends and commit times to go to the gym or attend a class.
  5. Evaluate your progress weekly and once you feel like you’re doing well, pump it up by adding on more time, intensity, or days.

Remember to make it fun and focus on your why.

Vibrantly Yours,


Ghee for vitality and healthy living

Ghee Pic

Ghee is recognized as a new superfood here in the Western world, but it’s been used as a nutrition and healing agent for thousands of years in India.

Ghee is clarified butter that removes water and milk fats from butter making it a healthy fat. It is used as both food and medicine to nourish the body issues, reduce inflammation, and improves overall vitality.

In Ayurveda, ghee balances both vata and pitta doshas. Kapha body types can enjoy ghee in moderation.

Benefits of ghee:

  • Increases metabolism
  • Grounding for anxious vatas
  • Cooling for over heated pittas (heating defined as heartburn, indigestion, loose stool, angry and controlling personality)
  • Has a high burn temperature
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Treats burns
  • Smooth’s chapped lips and skin

The reason I’m raving about ghee is that our bodies need healthy fats for energy; they balance hormones and maintain healthy cells. You’re familiar with healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, and chia seeds. Ghee is another excellent fat to add to your diet.

How to use ghee?

  1. Add to your morning coffee
  2. Enjoy a bowl of rice and ghee
  3. Add to your oatmeal
  4. Enjoy ghee with warm water in the morning to produce a bowel movement
  5. Drizzle ghee over your popcorn
  6. Sauté veggies with ghee instead of oil
  7. Replace ghee with butter on bread
  8. Replace oil and butter in baking
  9. Smooth on to your skin

Where to find ghee?

  • Pure Indian Foods
  • Banyan Botanicals
  • Make your own:
    1. Heat organic unsalted butter in a pan on low heat for 15-20 minutes
    2. You’ll begin to see white foam on top and milk fats at the bottom of the pan
    3. Continue to let the butter heat until it’s completely clear. The milk fats will still be at the bottom of the pan and that’s what you want
    4. Keep heat on low so butter doesn’t burn
    5. Once the butter looks clear, then remove from heat and strain into a jar with a cheesecloth
    6. This will separate the ghee from the milk fats
    7. Let cool and enjoy

What do you think about ghee? How do you plan on adding it to your lifestyle? Share in the comments below.

Vibrantly Yours,